Plant Nutrition Basics PDF Print E-mail


1. How do plants get their nutrients?

  • The plant obtains its nutrients through automatic irrigation systems as the nutrients (fertilizer) is dissolved in the water.


2. What are the different growth mediums one can use?

  • There are number of growth mediums one can use however the two most popular methods for growing are coco peat or untreated pine shavings. There are a number of advantages to both these methods .When choosing what medium to use take into consideration what one is growing, ask neighboring farmers or your local rep.


3. What size must the bags that I plant my seedling be in?

  • Rule of thumb: use about a 14 to20 liter bag no matter what crop you are planting,  make sure the bags have holes in on the underside of the bag... this will ensure good drainage. If there are no holes or not enough simply make more with a sharp object.


4. Are seeds or seedlings planted in the black bags?

  • Seedlings are planted in the bags. Before planting your seedlings, make sure they are strong and healthy.


5. How do I fertilize my plants?

  • The easiest and best method is buy a granule or powder fertilizer that will easily dissolve in the water.