Drip Irrigation Components PDF Print E-mail

A drip irrigation system has SIX major components.

  1. Delivery system
    • Mainline distribution to field - Sub-mainline
    • Feeder tubes or connectors
    • Drip tube or tape
  2. Filters
    • Sand
    • Screen
    • Disk
  3. Pressure regulators
    • Fixed outlet
    • Adjustable outlet
    • Valves or gauges
  4. Chemical Injectors
    • Positive displacement injectors
    • Pressure differential injectors
    • Water-powered injectors
  5. Controllers
    • Manual
    • Computer


How these components are put together, and which options are chosen, will depend on the size of the system, the water source, the crop, and the degree of sophistication desired


Source: http://plasticulture.psu.edu/