Frequently Asked Questions
  • Alternative Energy   ( 2 Articles )

    There are various ways you can fulfill your power needs in your tunnel without using power from the national grid. Being off the grid is more eco-friendly and is generally more reliable than grid power. Your chances of power surges and power spikes is also reduced to nothing, meaning your equipment will last longer.

  • Automation & Management   ( 1 Article )

    We call on the experts in the field of automation and technology to provide us with some useful information that could make your tunnel farming more profitable. If you would like to contribute to any sections, please click "Contribute" at the top of this page. We may be able to compensate you for your contribution!

  • Irrigation Policies   ( 3 Articles )

    In today's climate where water is scarce, you need to maximise your use of water for the greatest possible production. Find out what others do and how they do it to maximise their use of water.

  • Pest Control   ( 2 Articles )

    Resources on the typical pests you can expect to encounter and methods of reducing their threat.

  • Plant Nutrition   ( 1 Article )

    Plant nutrition is as vital as human health. Ignoring the basic needs of your plants will lead to failure. Read up on methods of feeding your plants and what to feed them.

  • Tunnels: What you need to know   ( 2 Articles )

    Here you will find resources about the physical tunnel, materials and construction data. Please contact us if you can contribute.

  • Tunnel Crops: What, how, where   ( 2 Articles )

    Want to know what you can grow in a tunnel? Find the information you need right here!

  • The Forces of Nature   ( 1 Article )

    Articles relating to some of the forces of nature.

  • Climate Control & Monitoring   ( 3 Articles )

    Climate varies from place to place. Sometimes a bit of intervention is needed to control the temperature in your tunnel so that you can achieve optimum growth, quality and high volumes of produce. Below are some articles which you may find useful about the different ways you can control and monitor your tunnel climate.