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No more trawling the internet for information on tunnel farming. We will share as much as we can to contribute to sustainable farming practices!

TunnelFind.co.za is your one-stop portal for all your tunnel/greenhouse farming needs. In fact, you will soon see that we could be considered the "Tunnel Farming Oracle". You can expect to find all the information you want here contributed by authorities in the field.


We offer businesses the opportunity to advertise their services at affordable rates.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We have an active FAQ section where you can ask our panel of experts anything you want related to tunnel farming.

Growing Strawberries - Under Cover Practices PDF Print E-mail


Strawberries are a tricky crop, mainly because of its historical genetic development which dictates its requirements for successful plant development and high production.

SB developed from a genome that adapted itself to certain climatic conditions in the Northern hemisphere which forced it genetic evolution to sustain cold winters and to transform into fully mature and productive plant in short time spell, to reach its peak production when temperatures are still moderate and produce runners (Vegetative reproduction) when temperature are not suitable and support fruit production. The cold winter and short day light forcing the plant to dormancy , a phase vital for its recovery in spring since new crowns are formed during the dormancy stage.

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Environmental Considerations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Easy Green Energy   
Thursday, 22 April 2010 17:21

As a renewable energy consultant, I have worked with many projects which had the seed of something great but never grew to its potential. This happens, from time to time, because of many reasons. But in my experience, there is always one corner stone of sustainable development that gets left behind: An Environmentally Integrated Approach. What? That’s absurd. Trust me, 99% of projects fail to account for outside environment, including terrain, orientation, elevation, you get the picture.

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Tunnels of Cherries PDF Print E-mail

Hannah Westly bit into the plump reddish-yellow Rainier cherry she’d just picked. “Mmm ... delicious. I think this tree is ready ... ”


Beside her, Annie Chozinski bit into another cherry from the same tree. Chozinski is a faculty research assistant with the horticulture department at Oregon State University.

Remote Management:: telemetry monitoring using GSM devices PDF Print E-mail
Written by CMR Projects   
Friday, 16 April 2010 17:21


Ever wondered what is happening to your remote, unmanned site? Ever wonder how you can turn the lights ON or your secuirty system or your irrigation pump? The answer is easy and, as yet, seemingly not explained too well by the manufacturers of such systems that can help. Let us try and pop the bubble and explain all to those of you who would like to be able to monitor and control your remote site.

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